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A Town project to determine what will become of the
Red Brick Schoolhouse and the Community Center

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2016 Events

2017 Events

2018 Events
2019 Events

2016 Events

October 12, 2016:
The Town Board listened to a proposal from Funktion Design Studio at a special board meeting. The proposal was for a study of town facilities, specifically the Community Center and the Red Brick Schoolhouse, to determine how each could be used, modified, replaced, elliminated or combined to meet projected space needs of the Town. Click on the following link to access the proposal:
"Town of Saint Germain Facility Study"


2017 Events

January 09, 2017
The Town Board identified the following stakeholder groups which will have an opportunity to meet with the town's consultant, Fuction Design Studio, to help identify the building and space needs or desires of each group (more stakehold groups may be added as necessary):

    1. Chamber of Commerce
    2. Bo-Boen Snowmobile Club
    3. Women’s’ Service Club
    4. Lioness Club
    5. Lions Club
    6. ATV Club
    7. Wildlife Club
    8. Prime Timers
    9. Boy Scouts
    10. A Museum for Farmington ( St. Germain)

March 13, 2017
Town Board approved "Funktion Design Studio" contract

April 1 , 2017
Stakeholders workshop with Funktion Design Studio

May 8, 2017
Town Board Meeting: Funktion Design Studio presented “optimum” facility recommendations for space size and use

June 12, 2017
Town Board Meeting: Funktion Design Studio presented facility program recommentations

July 10, 2017
Town Board Meeting: Funktion Design Studio presented conceptual drawings, costs and recommendation


July 28, 2017
Final report due from Funktion Design Studio

October 31, 2017
Town Board Special Meeting: Funktion Design presented updated options following town board down scaled square footage needs


2018 Events

January 15, 2018
Town Board Special Meeting: Funktion Design presented cost projections, revised square footage proposal per section of building, proposed floor plan and proposed site plan.

January 29, 2018
Town Board Special Meeting: Funktion Design presented:

March 22, 2018
Town Board Special Meeting: Funktion Design presented:

June 14, 2018
Town Board Special Meeting: Funktion Design presented:

Projected turn-key cost for this proposal: $6,775,000

The Town Board will convene a special meeting on Wednesday, June 20, 6:30pm to discuss all options presented to date and how to proceed with developing a building recomendation for elector consideration.


July 26, 2018
Town Board Special Meeting results:

August 21, 2018
Final Town Board Public Information Meeting

Slide presentation by Melody Hamlin of Funktion Design Studio & Tom Christensen, Town Chairman

October 8, 2018
Town Board Approval Of Revised Proposal

The following events have been scheduled concerning the new building proposal:

October 23 & 25, 2018
Town Board Public Information Meetings For 2nd Proposal

Slide presentation by Melody Hamlin of Funktion Design Studio & Tom Christensen, Town Chairman


October 30, 2018
Elector vote to consider Town Board's proposal of a $4 million building to replace both the Red Brick Schoolhouse the Community Center:

Yes 96
No 292

December 10, 2018
The Town Board approved a services agreement for a third buildings option following elector defeat of the first two options. Funktion Design Studio will develop a plan and estimated cost to remodel / restore / upgrade both sections of the Red Brick Schoolhouse and do nothing to the Community Center. An elector meeting will be held in the spring of 2019 (probably April or May) seeking approval to proceed with this option.

Funktion Design Studio Services Agreement for 3rd option


2019 Events

January 24, 2019
Funktion Design Studio presented information pertaining to restoring the Red Brick Schoolhouse.


February 20, 2019
The Town Board met to consider four Funktion Design floor plan options for both the original portion of the Red Brick School House and the later addition. Funktion Design attended by telephone due to poor road conditions. Board and citizen comments from the floor favored option D with some suggested modifications and also revisions to the exterior site plan.

Funktion Design then provided the next day an amended option D floor plan and exterior site plan. Modifications reflect suggestions from the February 20 meeting. All documents pertaining to this discussion are provided below.

Funktion Design will now develop a cost projection for the project. A special Town Board meeting has been scheduled for March 7, 2019 at 6:00 pm to review the projected costs.


March 7, 2019
Funktion Design Studio presented to the Town Board the final floor plans, exterior renditions, outdoor site plan and projected costs for the proposal to remodel both portions of the Red Brick Schoolhouse. While much of the interior of the original (1941) portion of the building would be retained and restrored to its original appearance, only the exterior walls of the the newer addition would remain with an entirely new roof and new interior built to match or compliment the appearance of the 1941 portion. All of Funktion Design Studios' handouts from the presentation are provide through the following links:

There will be two elector meetings in the near future:


March 29, 2019
Funktion Design Studio provided a 58 page Red Brick School House Facility Study final report consisting of:

The report can be viewed by clicking HERE.


April 25 & April 30, 2019

Funktion Design Studio presented Red Brick School House Renovation Proposal to be voted on at a special electors meeting on May 9,2019


May 9, 2019

Special elector meeting to vote on the Red Brick School House renovation plan. Results: 112 Yes (30%) - 268 No (70%).

The building will not be renovated. The Town Board will now consider excercising the authority given it by the electors at the April 16 annual elector meeting to demolish the building in its entirety.


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