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The St. Germain Memorial Cemetery came into being in 1964 following the formation of the St. Germain Cemetery Associaiton, a group of citizen volunteers willing to serve the community with cemetery services on land donated by the Town. It remained as such until a January 7, 2020 decision of the Cemetery Association directors who voted unanimously to disband and transfer the Association's lands and all its assets and records to the Town, effective May 1, 2020.

Chapter 157 of Wisconsin Statutes allows for municipalities to accept ownership of and operational responsibility for privately owned cemeteries, but towns must first receive authorization from its electors at an electors meeting. Municipalities must also adopt an ordinance stipulating certain details of how the cemetery is to be operated.

Elector approval for transferring the St. Germain Cemetery to the Town from the Cemetery Association was granted by resolution at the April, 21, 2020 annual town meeting.

Chapter 18 - Cemetery, St. Germain Code of Ordinances was adopted at a special meeting of the town board convened following the April, 21, 2020 annual town meeting.

While the town board has full authority over all aspects of the cemetery operation, day to day cemetery duties are delegated to an individual with the title of "Cemetery Sexton", as prescribed within Chapter 18. June Vogel was an active member of the now disbanned Cemetery Association and has considerable experience with most of the day to day cemetery functions. Therefore, the Town Board has, by resolution, appointed June to temporatily fulfill the duties of Sexton during the transition of cemetery ownership and operation.


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